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I hope you may find the following links useful on your journey to brighter days.

Don't be alone

Talking can help

Talking can connect us

Talking can be the key

There are many organisations hoping to make a difference to your mental health.

Pick up the phone, send and email, or text your family or a loved one.

Talking is therapy.

Wheel & Rock 

Adventure inspired art prints, apparel & supplies created in the Lake District. Graphic design led, with a focus on ethical and sustainable products. 

'I am creating a range of products to help people celebrate their challenges and outdoor adventures. This is the culmination of everything I have learnt so far in life, along with my passion for the outdoors and the desire to inspire people to live healthier lives and feel better connected to each other and the ground beneath our feet.'

Kerrie Walsh, Founder

Claire Douthwaite Registered MBACP BSc (Hons) FdA CertHE

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