Person-Centered Counselling

Why did I choose to Person-Centred philosophy?

I was required to develop a non-directive attitude, and skill in the non-judgmental understanding of my clients, to walk in my clients shoes, to be in their frame of reference and to feel and experience their situation. The process of this understanding is known as empathy and it is important, to enhance a quality shared experience.

Congruence describes a state of genuineness, the term for authenticity. This authenticity, in practice, is my transparency of my real-self, involving learning to listen to and be aware of my own feelings and when and how to communicate these to my clients without distortion.

As a person-centred counsellor there is a third core condition which is termed unconditional positive regard (UPR). Rather than a learned skill, this is an attitude which is naturally rooted in me. In practice, UPR is a feeling or mind-set whereby I accept and respect my clients without judgement, consistently. A client who feels valued only when they behave as others would like them to feels bound and exhausted. In a climate of UPR, I hope for my clients to experience an attitude where they can believe in their efforts without feeling threatened and self-protective, but feeling encouraged to share freely and without fear.

I believe that everyone is the expert when considering their own pain. Together we can explore what may be causing the distress and suffering and promote healing and growth. Working in a person-centred way is my passion and my privilege.

“I was offered a space where I didn't fear being judged and it helped me understand who I really am. I feel truly whole.”

-Anonymous, Lancaster

Your Therapeutic Companion

I am ready to come on your journey.

"It's worth us all remembering that no journey of the mind is impossible, it's only a matter of navigation."

I can support people with a range of mental-health struggles.


I strive to 'walk in your shoes'


I am genuine and transparent


I am non-judgemental and respectful

“Counselling is the best gift that I have given myself. I felt safe with Claire and together, we changed my life forever.”

-Anonymous, Kendal

Claire Douthwaite Registered MBACP BSc (Hons) FdA CertHE

Office 3C, Keer Park, Warton Road, Carnforth, Lancashire, LA5 9FG

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