Carolyn Connor Registered MBACP

Integrative Couples & Relationship Counsellor

"Hi, I'm Carolyn and I am here."

My engagement with the idea of emotional and mental understanding, as something to be consciously explored, began when I was twenty years old.

I moved from South Lakeland to London, in search of, well, I wasn't sure what. The world presented itself to me as both an uncertain but ultimately exciting place to be. A bit like life itself.

I enjoyed the Capital and spent thirty years there. My background is hair cutting and fashion and I worked in various places in the West End. I loved hair cutting but as time went by, what became more interesting to me were the stories that my clients would share with me. They would develop from appointment to appointment, year after year, and I began to notice that I was identifying my clients by their jobs, their happiness and often their pain. Their hair was still fabulous of course but it wasn't the most important thing to me anymore.

I was honoured be held in such trust. I heard the brave and honest stories that my clients chose to share with me. 

I began to think more about personal development and well-being and completed an American based course called Insight. This is where my education began.I completed all of the three courses and became a team leader, assisting the main facilitator. This led to me volunteering at Positive East; a charity which supported young people living with HIV.

I also embarked upon a more in-depth exploration of myself, undergoing many years of counselling.

I later married and had four children. When my youngest child was six weeks old my husband was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer. This changed all our lives, forever.

We accessed the therapy we needed in our different ways to try to work through this painful and shocking time. I wonder now what it would have been like had we not been able to access the support of the therapy provided. The experience of living with illness in the family led me to work as a volunteer as a counsellor at St Joseph's Hospice in east London.

Over many years my training continued, and I studied and learned at both Tavistock Relationships and Relate; specialising in Couples counselling.

"My first contact with Claire was a telephone conversation. 

I felt an immediate connection. We talked easily, as if, we had known each other for a long time. 

Claire created an immediate intimacy and trust within me. I was aware, at once, 

that I wanted to work with Claire .I knew that I could bring a lot to her Practice and that I would 

be given a lot in return. Even in these early days, Claire has proven herself to be 

insightful and supportive and an excellent leader."

- Carolyn

How I Can Help

My approach to counselling is psychodynamic and systemic and I draw on a range of other models in my work.

My area of expertise is working with couples, however, I also work with individuals whom are hoping to work through certain issues.

"Hi, I'm Carolyn and I am here."

My Personal Mission

My aim for the Practice is to help people to have a better relationship with themselves and with others, working in a safe, non-clinical, confidential and non-judgemental environment.

City Experienced Counsellor

Living and working in London has 

given me a vast and varied wealth of experience. I have worked alongside very complex clients and couples.

Skilled with Couples & Relationships

My qualifications provide a promise of trust in the standard of therapy I deliver. I work with couples & relational issues.

I am committed to professional growth.



As a Registered MBACP counsellor, you are assured quality and ethical therapy.

I am part of Claire's established and highly regarded Practice.

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“I first spoke to Carolyn on a Saturday afternoon as she was walking in our Capital City. As soon as I heard her voice and her laugh, I knew that she was perfect for my Practice. Even over the telephone, our connection was immense and I felt like I had known her forever. I have no doubt that Carolyn will deliver authentic and meaningful therapy to both couples and those experiencing relationship difficulties.”

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